Our Lady of Angels has a vibrant baseball/T-ball program that supported  45 athletes ages 4-10 in the 2017-2018 school year. It provided a faith based program ensuring the children not only developed skills of the game but grew within God’s principles and concentrated on sportsmanship. Our baseball program was supported by 13 volunteers who are cleared by the Harrisburg Diocese to participate in coaching activities and vetted by the Athletic Association. We provide home game concessions to offset the family registration costs and hold multiple fundraisers during the year to increase family participation in the program.


Our Lady of the Angels Athletic Association FAQ

1. What is the Our Lady of the Angels Athletic Association?

The Athletic Association exists to:

  • Administer the Our Lady of the Angels athletic programs.
  • Teach Catholic values, sportsmanship, comradeship, self-reliance and the fundamentals of the various sports activities to all participants.
  • Assure that all candidates for participation are granted the right of enrollment on a team.

The Association is a committee of the School Board

2. What are the responsibilities of the Athletic Association?
The Athletic Association secures coachers and oversees the finances various sports programs offered at our Lady of the Angels.

3. When does the athletic Association meet?
This year as part the Athletic Association and the Home and School Association will be teaming up to assist the Advancement Department to better serve our families and school community.  Parent meetings will be held on November 13th,January 15th, March 12th, and May 14th at 6:00pm.  Please attend this meeting to hear about upcoming events or new programs we have to offer.

4. Who are members of the Athletic Association?
Parents or guardians who have children actively involved in a sports program are members of the Association.

5. How do you become an officer of the Athletic Association?
The Athletic Association is an appointed position.  Anyone wanting to fill a role on the board is to contact the Advancement Director or Principal.