The SCRIP program has a new look, but still the same great results

SCRIP is an easy way to get credit for next year’s tuition.  You simply purchase gift cards, receive the cards, and get money toward your tuition.  It is simple.  You can send your request to school or order for yourself online and have them delivered to your home.  Either way, your family wins.

For example:  you send to school an order for $100.00 for your favorite grocery store.  You get $100.00 worth of gift cards plus you earn a percentage of that sale (as determined by the vendor) toward tuition.  If you earn $2.50 a week, that can add up fast.  It does not take any more effort than asking and receiving.

Attached to this announcement is a list of the vendors that would be available for same day delivery through school ordering.  In addition, I have included the website address for you to look through the entire list of vendors.  You have the choice to order for yourself, or send the request to school.  If you request an order, please allow at least two weeks for receipt.

Wanting to give gift cards as birthday gifts?  We have you covered.  You not only give a gift; you get a little something in return.  Need gift cards for Christmas gifts?  Again, give a little, get a little.

Cards that are in stock can be purchased in the office at any time.  However, we are going to begin having Monday and Friday afternoon as SCRIP days.  Send in your check, your NEW (and hopefully user friendly) request slip to the office with your child.  When they return home, you will get your in-stock,  requested items.

Check out the Scrip website for a broad list of vendors available at

So…let’s get earning some free money!

Shop with Scrip Retailer List

Order form with retailer list Feb 2017