Meeting began 6PM

President, Tina Grove, reviewed the following:

– Budget, responded to some parent clarification questions
– Passed around photos of the new playground equipment!
– Drive in movie night is 10/7 from 8 – 10PM and we’ll be watching the new Jungle Book!
– Reviewed the profits made from the last two dine out nights:

  • Union Station @ $212.26 &
  • Friendly’s @ $148.60

Past & Upcoming Fundraisers:

Candy Bar

28 Opt Outs, 4 At Pickup (exceptions made for new families who were not aware/did not have parent square)

Total profit so far is recorded in budget

We estimate we will raise $9984 from this one fundraiser.

Decided we would have the candy bar fundraiser start in October for the 2017-2018 school year due to the following concerns:

  • The first fundraiser of the year makes things too overwhelming as we are just beginning a new school year and there is a lot going on already.
  • May be better around Halloween!

Craft Fair

  • ACTION items were reviewed
  • Sign up was placed on parent square for volunteers to set up /run /tear down H&S stands
  • Noted we should have a chair and start planning in January for next year’s 2nd Annual Craft Fair

ACTION – recruit Chair for 2017-2018, 2nd Annual

Tupperware Sale (Anna Boyle, OLA grandmother – coordinating and coordinates with Craft Fair) 40% from flyer @ school & 10% from profits made at craft fair

Pie Sale – 9/16 – 10/7

Equal Exchange Catalog fundraiser – 9/23 – 10/14

ACTION Wondering about Corbi’s and need to see if Sue Wickenheiser is going to chair this fundraiser?

Reminder that the Family Picnic is Sunday, 9/25 from 1-3 at Fairview Park! As of the parent meeting we had 136 RSVPs!!

– Come one, come all for games, prizes, hotdogs, face painting and good old fashioned fellowship with your school family!

Noted we got some back to school goodies for the teachers: candy bars and stocked up their sodas.

Mandee Havrilla noted that planning has commenced for the 1st Annual GALA – planning meeting set for 9/28 @ 6PM at the school + + VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO MAKE THIS EVENT A SUCCESS! SEE YOU on 9/28! + +

Meeting agenda contained these future affairs items to note:

  • DDD coupon book fundraiser starts 10/3
  • Trunk or Treat is 10/14/16
  • Family Bingo is 11/4/16
  • Christmas shoppes 12/8 & 12/9/2016

Meeting adjourned 7:15PM

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