Dear Friends of Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School:

We know that the destination for all human souls is Heaven. What we may not know is; how do we get there?

Before technology, we used printed maps to direct us to our destination. Today, we often use navigation systems, but not all in the same way. After entering the destination, some folks just start driving and follow the blue line, while others look at the determined route, consider alternatives, and head out with a pretty good idea of how to get there. Some extra diligent folks take time to drill down into the details of the trip; switching on the satellite view, zooming in to see every route number, intersection, and landmark.

All of these methods can get you where you are going, but those who simply follow the blue line may be delayed by road work that they didn’t see coming. Those who look at the route before leaving home can avoid delays by taking an alternate path, but if their phone battery dies or the signal fails, they’ll have to figure out how to finish the trip, and stop for directions which causes delays. Those diligent folks who have studied the route before driving, knowing the detours and landmarks, can get to their destination even if technology fails.

So how do we get to Heaven? Study the route! It’s laid out for us in the Gospel. If we “Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps”, our way is clear, and detours will not derail us, the signal will never go down, and our batteries will stay charged!

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic school is asking you to support our students and encourage them to “Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps”, by contributing to the 2022 Annual Appeal.  Our goal for this year is $30,000. Are you willing to make an investment in Our Lady of the Angels School and the future of our students through your financial support?

Your contribution will enable Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School to continue the Christian tradition of Catholic education in our community. Your stewardship will help show our students the way to “Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps” by supporting the example of living the Gospel message. Please help us to provide a quality education by developing the whole child; spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.

We look forward to your generous response to our Annual Appeal.  May God bless you and guide you in your business and personal endeavors in the coming year!


With thanks for your prayerful consideration,

Mrs. Mandee Sahd-Havrilla

Director of Advancement

Our Lady of the Angels School, Columbia, PA





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