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What is a Mission Statement?

A school’s Mission should reflect the deepest desires of the school’s community of stakeholders for what they want the school to become—its future in terms of what it will do for its students. The mission expresses what the adults in the school community commit themselves to doing for the benefit of the students.

A mission statement should describe in broad and visionary terms what the school striving to become. A mission should be outcome-based, providing clarity regarding the school’s audience (whom it serves), its action (what it commits to doing for its audience), its aim (the purposes for which it exists) and its means (how, in broad terms, it will its purposes).



Our Lady of the Angels Mission Statement

At Our Lady of the Angels School we recognize that God made us to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in Heaven. Every day we show our knowledge, love and service of God through our actions, academics and service to others. We are led by the virtues of respect, responsibility, cooperation, kindness, and reverence.


Because beliefs are a matter of faith, not a matter of fact, they express the school’s overriding convictions, its inviolate commitments.  They outline what members of the school’s community of stakeholders are willing to “go to the mat” defending.  Because beliefs identify the “line in the sand,” they can be used as a lens through which to examine the worthiness of the school’s potential decisions or future actions.

Statements of belief serve as the foundation of a strong strategic plan. They are the formal expression of a school’s fundamental values and serve as its ethical code. Beliefs describe the moral character of a school. In a planning process involving diverse stakeholder groups, they represent the composite of the personal values held by individual planning team members.

What are the school’s Beliefs?

We, the parents/guardians and faculty of Our Lady of the Angels School, believe:

  • We encourage and cultivate our children/students with a sense of service for God’s creation.

  • We provide an academic environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning.

  • We are partners in educating our children/students.

  • We collaborate to foster a classroom climate that promotes differentiation; adhering to the individual child/student.





What do we expect them to know?

The Profile of Graduates provides the answer to the following question: When our students have completed our entire educational program and have had the benefit of the services and activities provided by the institution and its community:

  • What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?

  • What qualities or characteristics do we want them to demonstrate?

A Profile of Graduates:

  • Describe the students at the point of exit from the institution.

  • States the values, achievement, and readiness that each student will manifest upon graduation.

  • Should be considered both as a Bill of Rights and set of corresponding responsibilities for students, faculty, staff, administration, and the institution’s community.

  • Defines the outcomes each and every student will attain if the mission is operative and appropriately translated into programs and services.

A Profile of Graduates serves to:

  • Translate the identity, vision, and values expressed in the beliefs and mission into statements that describe student outcomes.

  • Translate and transform concepts from the ideal and global to specific expression in the development of a student in the institution.

  • Give expression to what the mission means in the operational life of the institution.

  • Define an outline or shape each student is expected to grow into regardless of specific courses taken or post-graduation plans.

  • A concrete reference point for faculty, staff, and the institution’s community when designing curriculum, instructional experiences, service programs, auxiliary resources, and student and family services.


What is the school’s Profile of Graduates?

As a graduate of Our Lady of the Angels,


I will live my Catholic Faith by:

  • bearing Christian witness in my daily life.

  • demonstrating compassion and acting as a peacemaker in my life.

  • contributing to my community through Christian Service.

I will demonstrate my Academic Preparedness by:

  • using creative thinking and 21st century skills to be a problem-solver.

  • continuing to develop my own talents and interests as a life-long learner.


I will demonstrate my Leadership Skills by:

  • acting in a respectful and responsible manner.

  • willing to be open-minded.

  • being globally aware.

  • having empathy and self-confidence to address diverse issues.