Educational Income Tax Credit (EITC)

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) provides significant resources to educational, non-profit institutions enabling those organizations to serve the youth in Columbia Borough and surrounding areas. As a beneficiary of EITC dollars, we are able to provide tuition scholarships for those students desiring an education at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School who otherwise would not be able to afford the educational experience. With the average yearly cost to educate a child in our area at $5,445 Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School strives to continue to keep tuition rates at a reasonable cost to parents.

We at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School would like to thank those who have contributed $130,000 to the EITC program to make tuition affordable for 124 of our students. We are blessed!

  • Clyde Kraft Funeral Home
  • Donegal Mutual Insurance Company
  • Conestoga Title Insurance Co
  • Sahd’s Metal Recycling


“We are committed to the EITC because there is no better way to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely than to put them in the hands of Catholic schools who are molding our future leaders. We are grateful for this unique opportunity.”

Dan Sahd

Sahd’s Metal Recycling