Our Lady Of The Angels School Board

The school board consists of three elected members, two appointed members from the parishes, the pastors, principal and pastoral council liaisons who oversee aspects of Our Lady of the Angels School. School board members are elected or appointed to a three-year term and may serve two consecutive terms. The terms are staggered so there are openings every year.

What are the responsibilities of the School Board?
Our Lady of the Angels School Board has the following responsibilities:

  1. Long-Range Strategic Planning
  2. Policy Development and Formulation
  3. Financial (including budgeting and policies for financial management)
  4. Properties and Maintenance
  5. Public Relations/Development
  6. Evaluation of the Principal’s Relationship with the School Board

When does the School Board meet?
Regular meetings of the school board are held on the first Tuesday every other month starting in September. The meetings are held in the school building. Special meetings and work groups are scheduled as needed.

What do we know about School Board members?
School board members are representatives of the community, Holy Trinity and St. Peter parishes and are dedicated volunteers.

How can I communicate with my School Board?
School board members encourage parents to attend yearly Town Hall meetings and other scheduled meetings as needed. If someone desires to address the Board, a written request must be submitted to the Pastor, Principal or Chairperson at least one (1) week prior to the meeting. If a Board meeting involves confidential matters, the Board will go into an executive session.

What should I do if I am interested in running for the school board?
Get informed by speaking to any of the current school board members regarding board activities and the election process.

School Board Policies

Our Lady of the Angels School Board exists to support the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels Consolidated School. Through financial planning the board strives to maintain affordable Catholic education for families and parishioners. The board develops and maintains effective policies that guide and support the school administration. The board is committed to assuring that a Catholic school will continue to be a cornerstone for the local Catholic community.