Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Please share this information with relatives and friends who may be picking up your child/ren.

Drop Off Procedure

Effective immediately the pick up/drop off procedure will be as follows:

Each family will be given a name card for their child(ren). This name card must be displayed on the dashboard of any and all vehicles that could potentially be used to pick up your child(ren). If you are in need of more than 1 name card, please contact the office.

  • Gates will open at 7:40 please do not come earlier. We can’t legally block the alley way and the streets with vehicles. Cars will enter the alley behind the parking lot via Fifth Street, enter through the gate and pull up as far as you can where children will exit the vehicle and walk directly to the sidewalk. Then proceed directly to their designated table in the cafeteria.
  • Under no circumstances should you get out of your car as this will hold up the line.
  • Cars should then proceed out of the parking lot and turn either left or right onto Cherry Street.
  • Two or more faculty members will assist with traffic control.
  • A faculty member will be present in the cafeteria to monitor students.
  • If you have business in the school office, please drop your child off at the alley gate and then proceed to the large parking lot where you can park your car.
  • Name cards will be distributed the first day of school.

Pick Up Procedure

If the name card is not visible, the staff will assume permission has not been granted for that particular person to pick up your child(ren). You will be asked to park in the large parking lot and come in to the office so verification can be made.

  • All cars must go into the big parking lot and park in a space. Row 1 will leave first, followed by row 2, row 3 and row 4. Please stay in your rows and wait for your turn.
  • The teacher on duty will allow about 6 cars at a time from the rows to go into the small lot.

This process will continue until all of the cars have left the big lot.

  • You must watch for oncoming for oncoming traffic when you pull onto the street. We can’t stop traffic for the cars to go into the small lot.
  • Teachers will call the children out to the cars in the small lot as usual from the back door.
  • If you need to get out of the car to help your child buckle you are to pull over to the right of the small lot.
  • Cars will leave the small lot and either turn left or right into the alley to exit.


Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School provides our students with safety patrols. There are 3 walking lines that are provided a patrol. Those include a line that walks up Cherry Street, a line that walks down Cherry Street, and a line that walks up Fourth Street toward Manor Street. These lines MUST only be used for students who walk home.


If everyone follows these procedures things will run much smoother and it will prevent accidents from happening.

Children are permitted to enter the building at 7:40am and report to the cafeteria. If it is necessary for your child to enter the school building before 7:40, those students need to report to the cafeteria with a note from their parent/guardian indicating the reason for the early arrival and permission from the principal. For safety reasons the Union Street door is locked shortly after 8:00am.

All children will be dismissed at 2:45pm. Please be prompt.

Dismissal Map