EITC Program

Leverage Your Tax Dollars to Make A Big Impact in Our Community

One of the most crucial funding sources of financial aid for students comes from The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program. This program allows businesses and individuals to direct their PA state income taxes to students instead of sending those tax dollars to Harrisburg. It is a simple and easy process that will turn the tax dollars that you already owe into scholar ships and financial aid. When you make an EITC contribution, your tax dollars make a difference in your community.

The EITC Guide

When you participate in the EITC Program, the school will receive 100% of your contribution to give to students for scholar ships and you also get 90% back in the form of a tax credit and/or refund!


You write a contribution check for $5,000.

Your $5,000 contribution turns into $9,500!

The school gets the $5,000 contribution and you get $4,500 in the form of a state tax credit and/or refund!

Determine Your Annual PA State Income Tax Liability​

Your PA state income tax liability can be found on line 12 of your PA-40 form.

Sign The Pledge Form

When you know your PA state income tax liability, you can fill out the pledge form with the amount of your contribution. This form is a request to receive the tax credit award.

Recieve Your Award Letter and Submit Your Contribution​

Once your request is approved for the tax credit, you will be notified by the charity your request was submitted to. Once notified, you can send in your pledged amount.

Recieve 90% Credit on Your PA Tax Liability Via A K-1​

After your contribution is made, your K-1 tax form will be sent to you to file with your taxes . This form will reduce your tax liability by 90% of the contribution you made.

Sign The Pledge. Create A Local Impact with Your Tax Dollars.

Download and Sign Your Pledge Forms