OLA Instructional Support Program

Our Lady of The Angels' Instructional Support Program

Our Lady of the Angels’ Instructional Support program aims to collaborate with classroom teachers, who instruct students with various learning differences. The goal is to support all learners and permit them access to the education that they need.

The Instructional Support teacher will work with the students in a variety of ways:

Reading and Writing Support

Students are aided in their comprehension of literature and writing skills.

Math Support

Extra support to help students understand mathematics.

Organizational Support

Students will be assisted in keeping their workspace and materials tidy.


Check-ins for end of day packing of school supplies and items needed for Homework completion.

Levels of Academic Service

Our qualified and certified teachers provide research-based instruction and present the curriculum in a myriad of ways. When a student presents increasing challenges in demonstrating proficiency, the teacher, along with our SST (Student Support Team), will collaborate to determine any appropriate accommodations that can be provided within the classroom setting. In some cases, teachers and parents work together with their local school district to navigate a formal evaluation. After receiving such results, the Instructional Support teacher will create a learning plan for the student. Such plans may yield the following type of support:

Itinerant Support

Students spend at least 80% of their day in regular education with academic support and specially designed instruction as per their Instructional Support Plan. That support may be a “push-in”, where the Instructional Support teacher joins in the classroom with the classroom teacher, or “pull out”, where the student works with the Instructional Support teacher in the Instructional Support Room, depending on the students’ needs.

Supplemental Support

Students spend between 50% and 80% of their day in regular education, receiving pull-out instruction in the Instructional Support Room in the areas of need indicated in their Instructional Support Plan.