Student Council

Student Council is a club run by elected students working together to collaborate and plan events for members of the school community. Members exhibiting the virtues of respect, responsibility, cooperation, kindness, and reverence are elected by their classmates to a one-year term. Representatives for grades 4-8 are elected in the fall. Officers (7th & 8th graders) are elected in the spring.

The Council meets as a whole group and in small groups to plan various school events, such as themed dress down days, fundraisers for charities, and other activities. The goal of Student Council is to give students the opportunity to be the voice of their classmates. They are responsible for scheduling monthly class meetings with their peers to share school events happening in the near-future as well as bringing their classmates’ ideas back to the Student Council for events later in the year. They are also responsible for planning events during Student Council meetings, checking in with their moderator and their fellow council members to make sure information is correct and that all work is being completed, including creating and turning in posters, making games and other activities for student events, and checking in with officers to see what else is needed.

For more information about Student Council, please contact Mrs. Fetterman at