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My husband and I made the decision to send our daughter and son to Our Lady of the Angels for some of the obvious reasons, classroom size, faith and tradition. My entire family went there as well. Now that we have been part of OLA for 7 years, I realize that it is so much more than just the obvious reasons. You are actually a part of a family who wants to grow your children to be everything they can. They have made my children’s future a priority.

Tina Grove


I like coming to OLA because I like science class. My favorite thing here is my friends.


3rd Grade Student

I like coming to OLA because I get to be a role model for other kids. I also like student council because I get to organize fun activities for the school.


7th Grade Student & Student Council Treasurer

I like that it is a Catholic School. We raise money for Charities to help people who are in need. I am happy to have spent these years here with my friends.


8th Grade Student Council Representative

Treating everyone with respect and valuing their unique qualities, gifts, and abilities is one of our core family values. When it came time to register our granddaughter for Kindergarten having her in an environment where she is valued as an individual was a priority.  It has been obvious from the first phone call that Our Lady of the Angels cares for each student as an individual with value, and not simply a child to be shuffled and instructed. Our granddaughter has not simply attended school, but integrated into a community developing relationships with many of the elementary teachers support staff members, and students. We have watched her blossom over the past year not only in her knowledge base but also as a person. Our Lady of the Angels has played a major role in this growth. Our granddaughter goes to school each day feeling safe, supported, cared for, and valued.

Whitney Kauffman

Grand Parent

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